More Developers for your Team

Growing start-ups often need to scale fast when it comes to developing new features. A faster delivery could mean getting on the market faster than the competitors and therefore generating more income. However, hiring new developers for that is not an option, because there might not be enough workload as soon as the features are deployed and also the recruiting is a time-consuming hassle.

We are here to help. We have flawlessly integrated into existing development teams with our expertise in web and mobile development.

We believe in Ruby on Rails as a great framework that enables teams to collaborate better through its convention over configuration principle. We make heavy use of it for our web applications and mobile APIs and put a high focus on code quality following best practises of object-oriented design and doing test-driven development.

For mobile development we have chosen React Native as our preferred framework, since it enables us to develop native apps for multiple platforms with one single code-base and in a language that every web developer is familiar with anyways - JavaScript. As early adoptors we have grown together with one of the biggest open source community these days and also contributed with our own projects.