Fitness for Everyone

KFit (MY)

Rebuild of the API and implementation of new API functionality. We worked close together with the KFit development team from remote, introduced a continuous integration system and added full test coverage for their API.

Technology stack: Ruby on Rails, apartment

Stylus Jazz

A Jazz music discovery app for Spotify

Concord Music Group (US)

Development of an HTML5 bundle app for Spotify in a distributed team together with our partner NeonRoots from Los Angeles. Our team developed a Sinatra-based API back end that feeds the database with data from the Rovi Music API. For the animations we used jQuery.

Technology stack: Sinatra, Padrino, Sidekiq, Postgres, Redis, Data-mapper, Backbone.js, JQuery, Spotify SDK, Rovi Music API

Heroku Partners

A directory for Heroku's development partners

Heroku (US)

We built the app gallery to help Heroku's partners to showcase their apps together with our partner NeonRoots.  For that we extended their Ruby-on-Rails-based back end.

Technology stack: Ruby on Rails, Faraday, Grape, Salesforce API


A mobile app for shopping social values

We built the Ruby on Rails back end together with our partner NeonRoots in a distributed team of back end and iOS developers.

Technology stack: Ruby on Rails, Grape, Geocoder, Factual API

Living Healthy

A web portal for a healthier lifestyle

Development of a blog and shop implementing a Parse.ly and Newscred-based recommendation engine for articles and products. Living Healthy was developed together with our partner NeonRoots in a distributed team of designers, front end and back end developers.

Technology stack: Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, Rails_Admin, Spree, Parse.ly, Newscred, Amazon AWS S3, Devise, Cancan, Faraday

Latin Music by Fania

A latin music discovery app for Spotify

Fania Records (US)

Together with our partner NeonRoots we developed a Spotify app for Fania Records.  In the front end we used the Spotify SDK together with Ember.js and open sourced our solution.

Technology stack: Ruby on Rails, Rails_admin, Grape, Postgres, JQuery, Spotify SDK, Ember.js, Rovi Music API


Explore, Teach & Learn English


Savant was dreamed of by TEFL Express, Headquartered in London, UK, with the goal of connecting English teachers and students all over the world.  The app allows students to browse for and communicate with teachers nearby according to their needs or preferences.

Technology stack: Ruby on Rails, React Native, Firebase, Infusionsoft Integration, Sidekiq, Google Analytics, Braintree Payments, AWS S3, Rails_Admin, I18n Multi-language

Seek & Roll

The best way to play your favourite songs!

Seek & Roll

All you need is an existing Spotify account to start creating and curating playlists instantly – say goodbye to fighting over the phone for the right to play the next track! With Seek & Roll, you’ll be pumping out tunes with ease to match the current mood. 

A project presented to you by yours truly, Suria Labs.  For more details, check out our blog post on the launch of this app.

Technology stack: Swift, Facebook SDK, Spotify SDK, Ruby on Rails