Introducing Seek & Roll!

Music is meant to be shared, and there’s no easier way to do it than with Seek & Roll, an app that allows you to create your own playlist with ease to inject life into any party or event you go to. Nothing kills a good vibe like a group of poor “DJs” fighting for the chance to play their favourite songs, even before the event fully gets going!

How It Works

All you need is an existing Spotify account to start creating and curating playlists instantly – say goodbye to fighting over the phone for the right to play the next track! With Seek & Roll, you’ll be pumping out tunes with ease to match the current mood.

Seek & Roll makes it easy to collaborate with your friends in order to create an eclectic playlist with something for everyone. Only the creator of the event requires a Spotify account; everyone else can simply download the app, and start adding their favourite tunes to counter their roommate’s terrible music choices. No one wants to listen to Rihanna’s Work again and again!

Finding your event is easy, with the creator’s name appearing alongside the name of the event. Collaborators just need to type in the password given to them to gain access to the event playlist, before adding tracks at will. Gone are the days of hassle and scrambling for playlists to sync up. With Seek & Roll, a few swipes on your phone will take care of everything for you.

Why Seek & Roll?

We’re big fans of Spotify; we’re just trying to streamline things to make creating playlists easier for everyone. We found that the process needed for event creators on that platform to make playlists collaborative took far too long and was much too complicated.

So our app helps to bypass this tedious step, allowing people to start creating and curating without much hassle and frustration. There’s no bigger mood killer than a frustrated DJ in charge of party music, apart from pesky neighbours but that’s another problem for another day. 

Plus, with only the event creator needing a Spotify account, it saves users on the go the time taken to download Spotify if they don’t already have the app themselves. Not to mention all that extra data saved…

It’s not limited to events either. Imagine seamlessly syncing playlists with a gym buddy before a workout in a matter of seconds, allowing you to get into the groove instead of fumbling over the phone!

You could also take control over the music during your Uber ride, with only a password needed to get connected to its Spotify account. We don’t think asking your driver for his phone would be the most practical thing in the world, so this is where Seek & Roll comes in and simplifies the process.

Seek & Roll is only available on iOS at the moment (sorry Android users)!